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Here you will find Facts and Information on all sorts of topic and subjects. If you cannot find what you require, let us know.

These facts and Information sheets are always being added to, so make sure you keep checking.

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Brian Kidd's Runner Bean Tip

  • Wash & thoroughly dry your runner beans.
  • Cut them as you normally would for cooking.
  • Spread them out on a clean tea towel.
  • Fold in the sides and roll them up.
  • Place them in the freezer for 12 hours.
  • Take them out of the freezer, move them around with your fingers to ensure they are separate.
  • Roll them up again and put them in the freezer for 48 hours.
  • Take them out of the freezer and put them in the portion sizes you would normally eat and put these into either a freezer box with freezer paper between the portions, or put each portion into a plastic freezer bag.
  • Return them to the freezer.
  • When you are preparing them for cooking, bring slightly salted water to the boil and put the frozen beans straight into the water - don't allow them to thaw.
  • This is called dry freezing and the runner beans will taste as though you have just picked them.

Information Sheets

Just click on the associated article to open up the Adobe Acrobat Information Sheet:

All information is supplied in good faith following research of numerous sources both at the local library and on the internet. It is provided for the assistance of members in growing their crops on their allotment, but we regret we cannot be held responsible for correctly grown vegetables !

Onions, Shallots & Garlic ...(194kB)

Carrot Root Fly ...(110kB)

Clubroot ...(98kB)

Parsnip Canker ...(62kB)

Potato Blight ...(73kB)

Potato Tuber Problems ...(689kB)

Flee Beetle Problems ...(58kB)

How to make a Compost Bin ...(450kB)

Roundup (Weedkiller) Pocket Guide ...(1,827kB)

Watering vegetables

Incorrect watering of vegetables only wastes water. More water does not necessarily mean bigger, tastier vegetables and by simply spraying water all over your plot in hot weather most of it will just evaporate and do the plants no good whatsoever. The following link will take you to the Royal Horticultural Website where information on proper soil maintenance and proper watering techniques are given.

Don't waste water, which we all have to pay for.Use it wisely to benefit your fruit and vegetables.

RHS watering Watering vegetables

The Dig for Victory! campaign was instigated in Britain as soon as World War II started. The government realised that the population would go hungry if the war was to last longer than a few months. The result was that formal gardens, lawns and even sports pitches were transformed into allotments, large and small, and everybody on the home front was encouraged to become a vegetable gardener. The Dig for Victory Posters are still well known today........

Other Useful Information

Dig for Victory Poster 1 ...(1,726kB)

Dig for Victory Poster 2 ...(1,920kB)

Vegetable Planner Poster (A3) ...(672kB)

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